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What is a 360° virtual tour?

A virtual tour is the result of a special style of photography, in which there is an image capture in every possible direction from a standstill spot. After the image capture, the stitching and the digital processing of the separate images follows, compiling one single image that is the solid base of the virtual tour.

A virtual tour is still considered a photo of some sort and not a video, giving the end user the ability to interact with the content. It places the user right on the same spot as the photoshoot had taken place, giving him/her the opportunity to explore that space as if he/she was already there. When into a virtual tour, you can rotate the image, zoom in/out and focus in general on what interests you the most.

Where can virtual tours be used?

Virtual tours are used for both business as well as personal purposes. They are very popular in businesses that require a higher promotion level of displaying their interior of exterior spaces through their websites.

They can also be used in capturing various tourist locations or events of special interest. You can see numerous examples of such uses from 360sites.gr, a complete tourist guide powered by myPanorama and based on the technology of 360° virtual tours.